All photo/video shooting at the territory of JSC “Sea Port of Saint Petersburg” (SP SPb) is carried out with participation and in cooperation with PR Department of the company.

How to take photos and make videos in the port

  1. Official information letter on the company’s letterhead (for legal entities) signed by CEO shall be sent to e-mail: In this letter, the following aspects shall be covered: goal of filming, subject (script), planned dates, time and duration of filming, exact information on places and facilities required for filming, contact data of the responsible person.
  2. After the request letter is approved by JSC “Sea Port of St.Petersburg” the requesting party shall provide the following documents:

- Passport data of the shooting team (persons with incomplete/incorrect data are going to be deleted from the list).

- Port areas to be visited;

- Car models, state registration numbers and passport data of owners (if any vehicles of the shooting team are going to enter).

The request for pass entry can also be made with online pass entry service.

Please, note that the territory of the sea port of St.Petersburg is a state border entry point. In accordance with the existing regime and entry system, entry to the territory of JSC “Sea Port of St.Petersburg” shall be approved by the border control formation «Saint Petersburg”.

Full set of documents to request photo/video shooting shall be submitted to PR Department of SP SPb 10 business days prior to photo/video shooting. The requests from the foreign organizations/persons shall be submitted with the copies of business visas and migration cards.

For complete Regulations for photo/video shooting on the facilities of JSC “Sea Port of St.Petersburg”, please, click here.

For additional information on how to arrange for photo/video shooting on the territory of JSC “Sea Port of Saint Petersburg”, please, contact +7 (812) 714-92-19.